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Unsere Beratungsleistungen, die wir anbieten sind geprägt durch die Kompetenzen der handelnden Berater. Dabei fokussieren wir grundsätzlich auf mittelständische Strukturen, meist inhabergeführt und in Familienbesitz. Aber auch durch angestellte Geschäftsführer gesteuerte Unternehmen und Konzerntöchter mit mittelständischen Strukturen zählen zu unserem Kundenkreis.

Crisis Management

No company is immune to crises. But a lot of them can be overcome, if one knows, how. We help you handle it systematically.

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Potential Consulting

A successful company can be led to even more successful. Our Zukunftskompass helps you use your potential even better.

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Digitalization In The Mid-Tier

No company will get around it: the digitization. We show you how to implement the change and what makes sense for you.

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Business Planning

A good company needs to be well planned. Not only strategically but also financially. We help you keep track of your numbers.

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Digitalization In The Mid-Tier

Digitization is the word of the hour. Whether seen as a promise or threat, the term is being used in a variety of contexts. Whether in the scope of the industry 4.0 or other topics, digitization forms the base for all kinds of approaches and concepts.

We assist medium-sized companies in classifying the term “Digitization” regarding their particular environment and the actual situation. We help by developing the effective meaning of digitization together with the company through a strategy discussion. How strongly will the future framework for corporate action change? What can I initiate or already have to initiate as an entrepreneur today, in order to benefit from the advantages of this development and to protect myself against the risks in the best way possible?

In accompanying medium-sized company we pragmatically work out the necessary and reasonable degree of digitization for our clients. So that the changes can be used and the risks mastered.

Approach us if you are searching for a competent partner in determining your own position in the framework of digitization!

Approach us if you, moreover, need a partner to accompany you on the necessary way!

Approach us if you want a partner that does not want to satisfy the hype, but to develop a feasible concept alongside you!

Potential Consulting

The S/E Strategie und Ergebnisse Mittelstandsberatung’s tool Zukunftskompass is a unique, tried and tested method made to help you operate and lead your company even more successful. Not only do you get acknowledgment for your own work but also valuable advice from your employees’ perspectives!

The high complexity of daily challenges and ever-changing frameworks demand the management’s precise decisions, but at the same time require more teamwork during the derivation of the basis of decision making.

Giving you the Zukunftskompass we provide you with a tool that will fill your teamwork with life. Our consulting and instruction to introducing the Zukunftskompass – we call it “Moderated potential analysis” – helps you use future potential and act even more successful.

Through the Zukunftskompass’s free provision as part of our ProjektCockpit, the consulting’s one-off cost becomes a highly attractive investment for your future.

Shaping instead of just receiving. Acting instead of just reacting. – Our maxims for your future.

Risk Management

The modern aviation shows that complex risks are controllable if they are known and the right methods are applied. Because in every risk there is a chance…

Besides the classic exogenous risks, there are numerous operational risks. Or, put differently: there are risks through known changes and risks through passivity.

This obviously also applies to new investment projects, expansion of location, etc. To be surprised by unexpected risks in that process quickly costs the enthusiasm needed for new activities.

From our perspective, this means: One of the biggest risks is to not recognize them in time!

We are experts in risk management for medium-sized companies and offer services to help successful companies stay successful. A lot of our clients confirmed that. You can benefit as well!

After jointly implementing the analysis of the actual situation we support you at controlling your risks if needed. Doing so, we apply our ProjektCockpit and thereby create transparency and liability. ProjektCockpit is at your free disposal even beyond the project’s end.

Similar to a modular system, the modules for risk controlling leading to the project’s success are compiled as required:

  • Revision management
  • Control of measures
  • Process management (proactive handling of risk situations)
  • Competence management
  • Document management

We apply the Zukunftskompass from the ProjektCockpit in risk management and thereby create additional transparency and liability. To implement developed measures we also provide you with the complete ProjectCockpit even beyond the project’s end at no additional cost.

Crisis Management

Crises are exceptional situations. Bad weather conditions which companies blundered into. Facing stiff headwinds caused by these circumstances, one narrows view.
Important communication tasks slide into the background. Positions become blurred. Activism is spread.

From our perspective, this means: Now professional support is in demand!

We understand ourselves as experts in crisis management for medium-sized companies. We help quickly getting companies in this situation back on track. Thereby, we need to act fast and secure. The task’s complexity demands a consulting quality ensuring a high degree of transparency, performance and integration capacity.

Due to our long-lasting experience, we help you to keep cool and make the right decisions even though the most critical situations, in order to solve the crisis with a sense of proportion!

If you are stuck in a lasting earnings and liquidity crisis, you will usually need a positive forecast for continuation for your company, on which basis the lenders, as well as other creditor groups, can give additional aid if needed. Besides the creation of such reports (IDW S6 or inspired by the same) we also are at your disposal as a sparring partner accompanying the implementation process – as the way out of a severe crisis into a successful future can be long and difficult. But with the right help, you can make it.

Further Consulting Services

Among the services in crisis and risk management, S/E/ Strategie und Ergebnisse Mittelstandsberatung can offer its clients a whole string of further consulting services:

Corporate Planning

We support medium-sized companies in structuring and designing their corporate planning. This results in a significantly integrated balance sheet and cash flow or liquidity planning which, having enough depth of detail, present an important banister for corporate management. We attach importance to the fact that with our accompanied corporate planning there will not be any dead figures.

Strategy Consulting

In the selected branches that our consultants have proven expertise in, we offer you a holistic strategy consulting. This does not only mean defining the right strategy and prepare decisions along with the company but also to qualifiedly validate those findings and to transfer them into feasible action plans. The ProjektCockpit hereby also assists our clients to be able to effectively monitor and control the defined strategies’ success and feasibility.

Organization Development

Every medium-sized company further develops daily. While the environment is becoming more and more complex, the organization is forced to be able to face these challenges more and more flexible. S/E/ helps its clients to tap the organizational potential of change and to adjust these to the requirements in the combination of personnel, structures, and work equipment. In the end, a good organization is a success factor standing for the motto: “Not the tall ones eat the small but the fast ones the slow.”

Human Resources Consulting

For our mid-tier clients to successfully persist in their market area, they need very well qualified personnel helping to meet challenges. Because these employees are not always present in a company, S/E/ helps to extract new key workers. This service is especially valued by the companies we already know through our other consulting fields. Thereby it is guaranteed that we are not only aware of the professional qualification of the candidates but are also vigilant about them fitting into the network of the company search. Because only then the new employees will unfold their full potential.