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Our methods create the consulting service’s high transparency and acceptance

When consultants are employed in a company, there are challenges for everyone involved. The consultants need to quickly gain inside into the company’s actual situation. They need to be incorporated quickly and competently, to be able to actually help or support. Thus, they are always reliant on the aid of the company’s employees.

With the help of our methods, which allow a very structured procedure, we quickly create a very strong basis of trust. They ensure us to become “insiders” of the company and to be able to support the company and its key workers with its actual challenges.

Our methods not only help us as consultants to find acceptance inside your company. From day one of our work they are in use as a pragmatic early-warning mechanism and will be at the company’s disposal as a free risk management system beyond the project work.

Combination of personal consulting and structural approach

Good consultants for medium-sized companies are characterized by their quick and practice-oriented support. They are experienced in dealing with the companies’ specific frameworks and are aware of the substantial levers for the solution to the challenges given.

But what differs a good consultant from an excellent one?

From our point of view, there can be no good consulting service without personal experience and acceptance by the company’s management. But it also requires a very structured and methodic procedure to implement these strengths in a very short period of time. Due to our long-lasting consulting experience, we developed methods to support these exact issues.

During the initial phase of getting to know the company (= situation analysis), we apply our Zukunftskompass to receive the quantitative and qualitative criteria. During the implementation, if necessary, our ProjektCockpit is employed, which supports everyone involved with pragmatic tools. It is also at the client’s free disposal beyond the project work as an exclusive added-value service.

Zukunftskompass – The corporate review checkwith a system

Stay on track successfully. S/E/’s moderated potential analysis for medium-sized companies delivers an overview of all factors relevant to the company’s success. In detail.

With the help of the innovative Zukunftskompass, the corporate review check visualizes significant results in real-time and delivers valuable findings concerning the company’s status and potential.

Thus, concrete starting points for actions to carry out necessary course corrections and sustainably optimize central processes can be derived exceptionally prompt.

Special service: The company can use the applied S/E/ analysis tool as a part of the “ProjektCockpit” beyond the project completion, free of charge. The Zukunftskompass thereby turns into a pragmatic and highly efficient risk management system!

Zukunftskompass includes 2 modules:
- The financial compass for a quantitative assessment of potential and risks in balance sheets and income statements.
- The facts compass for an assessment of qualitative strengths and weaknesses in strategy, organization, market, etc.

Acting as an interactive analysis platform, Zukunftskompass supports determining the company’s actual situation by quantitative and qualitative aspects as part of our ProjektCockpit.

By structured interviews of the company’s key workers and evaluation with the help of the S/E/-risk matrix, a good base for developing solutions and packages of measures arises.

Thus, your key workers’ opinion plays an important role in the base of our recommendations.

The traffic light system demonstrates to every employee, towards which issues the company should set its priorities in order to successfully improve in the competition.

With the help of solutions and packages of measures developed within joint workshops, the company’s process of change can begin! In doing so, we as consultants are your coach and sparring partner!

Application Areas

The inclusion of quantitative data and facts is part of a company’s situation analysis. Just like every other competent consultant, we work with our own tools to summarize the relevant corporate figures.

But: How does one proceed with the qualitative criteria of a company’s respective situation?

Here, we significantly differ from other consulting firms. Using our innovative Zukunftskompass, we support a project’s initial phase with a structured questionnaire that includes the companies’ essential sectors from all perspectives. In cooperation with the key workers and with the help of the analytical tool as well as multi-stage interviews, a general assessment of the company looking at qualitative aspects is possible. The joint review and confirmation of these assessments serve as the base for every solution and measure to be worked out.

Taken measures will directly be deposited within the tool and will thereby be at disposal for everyone involved in the project the day after, in order to operate the implementation process.

Successful companies value our Zukunftskompass because its tools allowed them to create the base for their own pragmatic risk management after the implementation of the situation analysis – as our Zukunftskompass will be at your free disposal as an operating early-warning mechanism even after the end of the project.

If organizational aid is needed for implementing the processes of change that are not available from the company’s current infrastructure, our ProjektCockpit will be implemented upon request. With this organizational tool that was exclusively developed for us by experts and includes around 10 to 20 individual modules, we provide free pragmatic help to support the process of change in a slim and efficient manner.

Companies in crisis thereby receive an instrument helping them to make restoration successes measurable. After concluding the situation of crisis, they also have an established early-warning mechanism at their automatic and free disposal.


As an interactive communication platform, ProjektCockpit assists your activities. Project partners, consultants and those responsible in the company are actively integrated into the project across departments and locations. Everyone knows what needs to be done at which point and when.

If useful, ProjektCockpit is implemented by S/E/ in the project and is at our clients’ free and indefinite disposal as an organization tool.Because transparency is one of the most important factors of success, in risk management as well as in crisis management, S/E/ Mittelstandsberatung developed an innovative information and control instrument that is ought to efficiently support companies in these issues: ProjektCockpit.

S/E/ Mittelstandsberatung invites you to a trial flight. Get to know S/E/’s work and ProjektCockpit’s fields of application!