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Our Services

The consulting services we offer are marked by the acting consultants’ expertise. We generally focus on medium-sized structures, mostly family-owned and owner-run. But, just as well, companies operated by employed managing directors and group subsidiaries with medium-sized structures are among our clientele.

Crisis Management

No company is immune to crises. But a lot of them can be overcome, if one knows, how. We help you handle it systematically.

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Potential Consulting

A successful company can be led even more successful. Our Zukunftskompass helps you use your potential even better.

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Digitization In The Mid-Tier

No company will get around it: the digitization. We show you how to implement the change and what makes sense for you.

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Business Planning

A good company needs to be well planned. Not only strategically but also financially. We help you keep track of your numbers.

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Zukunftskompass - The corporate review check with a system

The S/E Strategie und Ergebnisse Mittelstandsberatung’s tool Zukunftskompass is a unique, tried and tested method made to help you operate and lead your company even more successful. Not only do you get acknowledgment for your own work but also valuable advice from your employees’ perspectives!

The high complexity of daily challenges and ever-changing frameworks demand the management’s precise decisions, but at the same time also require more teamwork during the derivation of the basis of decision making. Giving you the Zukunftskompass we provide you with a tool that will fill your teamwork with life. Our consulting and instruction to introducing the Zukunftskompass –we call it “Moderated potential analysis” – helps you use future potential and act even more successful.

Through the Zukunftskompass’s free provision as part of our ProjektCockpit, the consulting’s one-off cost becomes a highly attractive investment for your future. Shaping instead of just receiving. Acting instead of just reacting. – Our maxims for your future.

About Us

S/E Strategie und Ergebnisse Mittelstandsberatung GmbH is aimed at consulting medium-sized companies. Through our consulting services, we support successful companies with further development. At the same time, we help companies in crisis to cope with their often difficult situation.

As the experienced partner of companies and lenders, we master the rules as well as the instruments leading to successful crisis management in case of a company crisis. This knowledge and network also help successful companies to strategically adjust so that risks can be mastered, and crises avoided. What distinguishes us is our eye for what is doable. Entrepreneurial thinking. And a pragmatism that ensures corporate success through the dialog with the partners involved. Thereby we led a lot of owner-managed family businesses to a successful future.

However, analyzing the causes of the crisis we repeatedly noticed that companies often let themselves be blinded by the success of good times: Effective processes to sustainably guaranteeing success weren’t established. Early-warning mechanisms for risk detection and risk management weren’t available. Within risk management, we help you to assess risks, install early-warning mechanisms and thereby ensuring your company’s success in the long term. In doing so, the innovative tool ProjektCockpit plays a significant role in supporting your goals. With the help of our analysis tools, we can gain a quick impression of the company’s actual position.

After the joint development of solution approaches, we use ProjektCockpit to create important pillars in the implementation's liability. Still, the acting people and a cooperative partnership between entrepreneur and consultant are paramount. Your long-lasting success is our goal!