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Our Aim Is Your Lasting Success

The S/E Strategie und Ergebnisse Mittelstandsberatung GmbH is oriented towards consulting medium-sized companies. With the help of our consulting services, we support successful businesses in further developing. Just as well, we help companies in crisis to tackle their often difficult situation. As an experienced partner of companies and lenders, we master the rules and instruments leading to successful crisis management in case of corporate crisis.

It is the same knowledge and network that also helps successful businesses to strategically orient themselves to be in control of risks and to avoid crises.
What distinguishes us is our eye for what is doable. Entrepreneurial thinking. And a pragmatism that ensures corporate success through the dialog with the partners involved. Thereby we led a lot of owner-managed family businesses to a successful future.

Our Consultative Approach

Successful consulting means trusting cooperation between entrepreneurs, key workers, and external consultants. It requires expert consultants and a quick understanding of the supervised company. As a client, you expect sparring partners that are fully committing, identifying with the tasks and not taking on the legionary’s role. You want to communicate with them at eye level and make your decisions after considering the advice received. You expect the consultants’ high level of loyalty and wholehearted support in pursuing your entrepreneurial aims. At the same time, you demand constructive criticism of your actions and, obviously, a bit of praise and recognition for the so far achieved.

These are the standards by which we want our work to be measured. We understand us and our consulting to be temporary support of the management capacities as well as a moderator in coping with the conflicts that are difficult to solve internally. Our work is successful when we surpass the collectively set goals and thereby your expectations, refuted possibly existing prejudices against external support and when our cooperation’s benefit exceeds the costs incurred.

Basically, we don’t differ from other good consultants in our daily project work. The small but substantial difference is the use of ProjektCockpit. It is our working tool with which we assist our tasks and, little by little, integrate the companies’ key workers. We provide ProjektCockpit to our clients’ free and indefinite use.

The innovation “ProjektCockpit” practically works as a supplement to our individual and committed consulting services. But in combination with ProjektCockpit, we are more efficient and sustainable than with conventional consulting methods and thereby significantly outclass a lot of other consultants in the cost-benefit ratio.

If you like this philosophy and you are in need of external support, approach us. We won’t let you down!

Our Team For Your Challenges

Our team consists of expert consultants, all of which have leadership experience of several years in the mid-tier. With their experience from numerous projects, they can communicate at eye level with medium-sized companies’ owners and managers and assist as a qualified sparring partner.

Jens Dahmer

Managing Partner
Focus Areas:
Restructuring, controlling, strategy, management information systems
Professional Experience:
8 years in medium-sized companies’ management, 20 years of experience in consulting medium-sized companies overall

Ralf Große

Authorized officer
Focus Areas:
Consulting, project management, Creation of reports
Professional Experience:
Long-standing leading management / executive board in medium-sized production companies

Thorben Müller

Focus Areas:
Controlling, restructuring and renovation

Professional Experience:
Working in the offered fields of consulting since 2010, long-standing commercial leadership experience

Ulrike Dahmer

Focus Areas:
Personnel consulting, public relations

Professional Experience:
Working in the offered fields of consulting since 2007, long-standingleadership experience in several corporations

Our Industry Experience

By focusing on strategic and commercial issues we are able to offer our services relatively independent of any sector and thereby operate in even more sector segments. Thus, our consultants have done numerous projects in most diverse branches in the past years.

Aviation services
Brick industry
Building construction and civil engineering
Cattle trade
Chemical logistics
Electrical industry
Facade engineering
Food industry
Forming tools
Forwarding agents
Glass processing
Installation services
Mechanical engineering
Mineral oil trade
Packaging industry
Plant engineering
Plastics processing
Precast concrete parts
Printing plant
Ship supplier
Special vehicle construction
Steel construction
Wind power